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You won’t find many horses advertised on our site or our Facebook page as we pride ourselves on providing a tailor-made service to all our clients, which is why if you contact us with your wish list, we will be able to match you to a selection of horses in order to help you find your dream horse.

We have a huge database of horses for sale to suit every level, and budget. You can also follow our Facebook page to see a small selection of new horses in!

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Find the best Spanish horses directly from Spain

A pure Spanish horse is native to Iberia and known for its nobleness as well as obedience. We provide you with a personalised service to help you find horses from trail riding, youngstock, but mostly we have classic dressage horses from First level all the way upto Grand Prix.

Jamie and Jane are experienced horsewomen and riders with a combined experience of over 40 years. We can source and match you with your perfect equine partner. Spanish Horses for Sale is your best choice.

Jamie and Jane have been working in the equestrian industry and competing in a range of disciplines for many years. Jane is also a trainer. Should you want to buy a Spanish horse from us and keep it in training before coming to you, she will be happy to accommodate this as she has her own facilities.

We have an extensive variety of horses here at Spanish Horses for Sale

We mainly provide schooled dressage horses but can also find ones for trail riding, working equitation, breeding and/or performance. If you are eager to know all the stages we will walk you through, see our ‘How we work’ section. You can also check out newly-arrived Spanish sport horses and many others on our Facebook page. The best horses around are already waiting for you!

Even-tempered, strong, and intelligent, Spanish horses learn quickly and adapt to various conditions. No matter if you are an amateur or a highly skilled rider, you will revel in interacting with them. Spanish dressage horses are becoming more popular worldwide, and we are seeing them more and more often in high-level competition.

We are respected throughout the world

If you want to know about our Spanish horse prices, let us make things clear for you. These vary depending on the quality of bloodlines, schooled level and results. But do not worry. If you tell us your budget, we can match you with the horse that fits it. We have won the recognition by customers globally. Check out our testimonials to see that for yourself!

Should you have further questions on the buying process, contact us to get a profound explanation.